Dec 28

OpenSCad to FreeCad Path Lifehack

I am either missing something and re-inventing the wheel, or I invented a pretty clever lifehack.

Here is the problem:
you can design awesome things in OpenSCad, like this spinner (you need to glue 2 of them together with 4 ball bearings in between)


Then you can load the SCad file straight into FreeCad Path and create G-code. Then you just send that G-code to your CNC mill and cut it.

Awesome! But not so fast!

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Dec 04

Is Inkscape good for Laser Cutting

I have got fascinated with those laser cut “abstract line pattern” designs with just random intersecting lines and rounded corners. Can I do one myself? How?

It is easy to make one with vertical and horizontal intersecting lines. I can make one in OpenSCad in a few minutes. I can also rotate lines randomly in OpenSCad. But rounded corners? I can round corners of an objects. How do I round object intersections? maybe there is a way.
In a meantime, I decided to look at Inkscape. I am completely new to it. I watched a quick educational video, and then in one hour I came up with this:

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Nov 23

Suction Cup Holder

Is 3D printer a toy or is it useful?
Well, if you are building another 3D printer or something like that, you can print those parts.
But is it useful for anything in the “real world”? Cannot you just buy whatever you need off the shelf?
Most of the time you do. But sometimes 3D printer is really handy.
I had a shower shelf that did not stay in place – it travels left and right. There was 1 suction cup coming with it, but it was not enough to secure it in place.
Not just because 1 is not enough. Whoever designed it just did not think it through.
So I have bought more suction cups on Amazon. However, they did not fit.
I could of keep buying other ones hoping that I will eventually figure out how to use them to secure the shelf in place.
But why if I have a 3D printer?

I measured everything and drew this design in OpenSCad:


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Jul 25

Large spoon

I had stressful last few weeks at work – things were not working as expected and blocking other people, and I was trying to solve it. Blocking other people stresses me out a lot. In the end I figured thing out and order is restored. But stress was still there. What is the best cure for stress? Meditation and woodworking.

What do you do if you have a bigger stress? Well, you just carve a larger spoon.


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