Mill Bendable Pattern

Laser cutter can mill a pattern that would be bendable.

Like this one:


There should be some kind of software to generate the pattern. Then you need to convert it to g-code.

I decided to avoid the hustle and write my own software.

Here it is:
Zipped Executables

Just unzip it and provide a bend file as a parameter.

Bend file is a yaml file like:
Vertical Pattern
Horizontal Pattern

My CNC machine works in millimeters, so sizes are in millimeters.

You shall be able to use inches too.

I used gap size 10 mm. That is too large. 3 mm shall be enough

1 mm between the lines works well for me, but if your laser makes one large hole, make that large. Parameter Name is “StripWidth”

Reminder: feed rate is in millimeters per minute, not per second.

This software generates g-code without header and footer.
You can add header and footer manually (or write a batch file).

You can also generate multiple patterns with different bounding rectangles and just copy it all into one g-code file.

C# Source Codes

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