Large spoon

I had stressful last few weeks at work – things were not working as expected and blocking other people, and I was trying to solve it. Blocking other people stresses me out a lot. In the end I figured thing out and order is restored. But stress was still there. What is the best cure for stress? Meditation and woodworking.

What do you do if you have a bigger stress? Well, you just carve a larger spoon.



But I do not have patience to carve it with hand tools. And I broke the blade in my band saw (don’t worry, I already got a new one and replaced it, but that happened after I finished the spoon)

So I came up with awesome, amazing idea! I have this ridiculously powerful rotary tool from Aliexpress. If you do not have one yet – go ahead and buy it! And I have some router bits. So I put a router bit into the rotary tool, and man! it cuts! (wear eye protection!)
Router bit sculpturing is so much fun, but don’t try it with your grandfather’s dremel – you really need something as powerful as a router.


However, as tempting it is to cut fast, it is better to be patient and cut little by little.

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