Is Inkscape good for Laser Cutting

I have got fascinated with those laser cut “abstract line pattern” designs with just random intersecting lines and rounded corners. Can I do one myself? How?

It is easy to make one with vertical and horizontal intersecting lines. I can make one in OpenSCad in a few minutes. I can also rotate lines randomly in OpenSCad. But rounded corners? I can round corners of an objects. How do I round object intersections? maybe there is a way.
In a meantime, I decided to look at Inkscape. I am completely new to it. I watched a quick educational video, and then in one hour I came up with this:


Somehow my laser cutter is no longer cutting very well. I have noticed, that my air pump is barely pumping any air (perhaps it was not designed to run for hours). I need to replace it with something. In a meantime, I had to use a knife to clean up the cut.
Here is the result:
I use J-Tech Photonics Laser Tool Inkscape plugin to generate g-code. Very convenient!

I have one more cool picture to show:
I did not design it, I have found it on the internet. Indeed I have been experimenting with optical illusions design, and I have found, that our brain is extremely hard to fool. Which is encouraging!

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