Wall Plug for Rotary Tool

Here is a story about a wall plug like you’ve never seen before (well, at least I did not).

I have an old black table jig saw. It kinda works, but I no longer use it because I have this amazing device:

I offered the old one to all my friends, and they said they don’t need it. That puzzled me, because it had a rotary tool attachment. You might not want a saw, but how can you possibly do not want a rotary tool?

BTW, if someone needs that old saw – please let me know, but it no longer has a rotary tool attached. Why? well, here is the story.

I have a rotary tool, and I have noticed, that I use it more then all the other power tools combined (well, may by this statement is a little too strong, but you got the point)

And I’m so annoyed of changing tips back and forth.

I decided to detach the rotary tool from the saw and make it work and have two rotary tools.

First, I needed a new motor, because the saw use single motor for both. I would hate to break the saw to spare the rotary tool (even though nobody wants the saw).

Fortunately, I have a few old blenders. I took one apart and bolted it to the wall.

Here is the wall before:

Here is my project 50% done:

Here the wall after:

I’m so glad to have all the tools for the job! For example, how do I drill the motor shaft without my drill press?

Oh, stop me here, or I will go into details to threading that hole, and… no, I better stop here.

It’s so convenient to have two rotary tools on the workbench! It is so cool to have a rotary wall plug, I mean, not an electrical one, but a wall plug with a shaft spinning inside! I love blender buttons too!

Do you want to make one? I have another spare bottom part of a blender (but the shaft was closer to what need on the other one).

It looks even cooler than the one I used for this project (you can still see some parts from it in my trash can – you see, it was not that cool)

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