Another ghost in my garage

I’ve got another ghost in my garage.

It pretends to be walking toward you.

How does it work?

There is Arduino microcontroller with Seeedstudio relay shield, and 4 fans from Goodwill.

Lessons learned:

1. Fans use low-voltage motors hooked up through some heater wire. That means, that fans cannot blow cold wire, they can only blow somewhat warm. I checked out 6 fans, and they all the same
2. The air flow from fan is in no way enough to move a sleeve.

So how I did it in the end? For each arm, I made 2 long hoses out of a kitchen garbage bag. I put then inside of a wider hose. When one inflates, it becomes like a stick pointing from the fan. When one inflates, the other one deflates. There is 60′ angle between the fans, so the sleeves move back and forth. When one goes forward, the other one goes backward, so it looks like the ghost is walking.

I tried to make a digestive system out of green Christmas light cable, but it does not look as cool as I expected.

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