Workbench Tray

I had impulsive buying on a garage sale some 10 years ago – two high quality cabinet slides.

And I always had a mess on my workbench. I have got an idea – make a tools tray and attach it to my workbench.

And here it is:


From the bottom:


Now less obvious stuff.

First, my workbench leaks saw dust. I mean, there are gaps between 2×6 it made of. So I staples a sheet of very thin MDF-ish board.
Second, these slides are not DIY-friendly. You cannot just screw them to a piece of wood. They expect some special metal brackets. So I had to invent some kind of interfaces for them. Which I did. But it was perhaps the hardest part of the project.
Lesson learned: if you (impulsive) buy cool stuff for DIY, make sure it is DIY-friendly.

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