TV Antenna

Is it hard to make a TV antenna?

You need a coaxial cable (to connect it to TV), a foam board and a piece of wire.

Schematics is very simple – you make a ring out of the wire, squish it and attach coaxial outer wire to one side and the central wire to the other side.


Plug it to TV and enjoy.

But will you really be able to enjoy it? Will it even work?

Believe me or not, mine works great and receives more channels than I can click through, and the signal quality is perfect. And the transmission antennas are far, far away, and I am behind a hill.

What is interesting – it does not have to be flat. Check out my side view:


I hate how it looks but I am still using it. I made it as a joke and did not expect it to work so well, and now I do not have enough motivation to buy one. Well, maybe I will manage to motivate myself to make a nicer-looking version.

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