Fixing crossbow with domino

How to fix a crossbow with a domino:

I’ve got a nice crossbow:

but the rear sight was complete junk. It was mounted on a single screw. When I adjusted it up and down, it was wiggling left and right. It was unusable.

Of course, adding a screw or two might resolve the problem, but it still would be flimsy.

I decided to install a red dot sight instead.

After all, there is a rail, and those red dot sights are rail mounted. What can go wrong?

Oops, rail size was different. There was no way to fit the sight on the crossbow rail.

That’s OK, I have domino. Most of it was lost a year ago, and I considered to trash the rest, but I checked quality of the plastic and decided to keep it. That was a good idea


I spent an hour shaping and drilling it, and now it fits well and works great!



Best of all, it is very rigid!

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