CNC a spoon

3D Designing a cube and a cylinder is easy. Try to design a spoon!
Well, I made one:

However, CAD is not the hardest part. The biggest challenge is CAM, i.e., converting 3D design into a tool path.
All free CAM software I saw so far is for a very simple geometry.
I still need to play with Blender CAM maybe…

Anyways, I used FreeCAD Path and it under-milled some parts and over-milled some others.
(no, I am not that stupid, but when you need to mill from both sides it is kind of hard to judge how much tool path generator is misbehaving)

Anyways, I finished the spoon by hand. Here it is:

And the bottom looks cool too:

It does not really match the original design, but who cases – it looks cool!

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