Sep 16

Cat claws sharpener

Yeah, we have got a cat. A good and smart one. Not smart enough to clip his claws with scissors though. Fortunately, I’ve got some scrap wood and carpet to make a claws sharpener tor him.

Of course, every project shall be tested. I have got some assistance there.

We also did some attempts to find alternative usage for that thing

Sep 07

Wooden Puzzle

Here is the puzzle I recently made.

It also requires a little ball. You insert a ball into the left hole, and turn the puzzle around to make it go out of the right hole. It is not that easy – check out the map!

You are welcome to copy my design and made a similar puzzle yourself. Here is the drilling diagram. (1), (2) and (3) means drillling depth. Squares indicate entrance and exit. All the other holes shall be closed. (I had to introduce some abberations into the picture so you can see both left and right sides at the same time. The real puzzle does not look like that – see the first picture.)

I’m pretty sure you can make it look nice than mine. I usually only have enough patience for proof-of-concept.